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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

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Nigerians have betrayed founding fathers’ visions.

nding fathers’ visions

Map of Nigeria
Nigerians have expressed concern over the betrayal of the country’s founding fathers’ vision of ensuring peace and unity in the country.

This was the outcome of a nationwide survey conducted by NOI Polls which sampled 1,009 phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 years and above, across the six geopolitical zones of the country.
In the result of the survey released on Tuesday, majority of Nigerians observed that the vision of the founding fathers of the country had been undermined as a result of corruption and mismanagement.
The survey read in part, “When asked if the vision of our founding fathers – unity, faith, peace and progress – remains the same at this present time, a majority of Nigerians (88 per cent) responded negatively, citing reasons for the failing of the vision as mismanagement of resources, the absence of peace and unity and corruption amongst others.
“A majority (44 per cent) also were of the opinion that our founding fathers would be disappointed at where we were as a nation. The survey results highlighted the top national issue Nigerians wanted the current administration to work on – improving electricity (18 per cent). Other top two national issues were Creating Job opportunities (15 per cent) and eradicating corruption (15 per cent; up from three per cent in May). Also, the need to boost agriculture has risen from three per cent in May to 10 per cent in October.”
According to the the poll, 40 per cent said Nigeria’s economy had performed averagely since independence when compared to the Ghanaian and South African economies.

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